About Us

eleanoreRoosevelt_thumb“…the destiny of human rights is in the hands of all our citizens in all our communities.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt
“In Your Hands”, March 27, l958

The National Ethical Service represents Ethical Culture at the United Nations and provides our members with information we learn from the United Nations. We measure our success by our transforming educational initiatives, programs, and actions in local Ethical Societies that promote global citizenship and support for the highest ethical principles at the UN. We are on the steering Committee on the Global Movement for the Culture of Peace; the Executive Council of the CONGO Committee Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns; the sub-committee against racism with the CONGO Committee on Human Rights; and we are a founding member of the Working Group on Climate Change with the Committee on Sustainable Development. We are associated with the Department of Public Information, the Finance for Development Commission, and with religious and non-religious NGOs who are peacebuilders, including the United Religions Initiative and the International Peace Day creators. We are also part of the worldwide interspiritual movement especially through Interspirituality in Action. We inaugurated the Rose L Walker Fund, which is dedicated to building mutually beneficial partnerships through seed grants.