Rose L. Walker Fund

roseWalkerThe Rose L. Walker Fund was launched by the National Ethical Service in 2008. It is the first fund to offer seed grants to fledgling initiatives that promote Felix Adler’s world views on developing a more evolved civilization that is inclusive and equitable. We support initiatives that are new and include appropriate strategies that promote dignity and empowerment through creative initiatives. This Fund is invested in socially responsible stocks and bonds. Only the interest is used to support special programming of National Ethical Service along with appropriate Seed Grants. We give priority to those fledgling initiatives that emerge in local Ethical Societies or among our members.

Rose L. Walker joined the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture in l952 and became a member of the Brooklyn Women’s Club, a local arm of The National Women’s Conference (original name for NES). She was appointed to represent the National Women’s Conference at the United Nation by Mae Weiss and attended the World Food Congress in l963. During her tenure as President of the NSC, several important AEU Resolutions were sponsored by the NSC and passed at AEU Assemblies. These Resolutions served to make visible important ethical declarations that guided the Movement over the years.

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